Fallen Land: A Post-Apocalyptic Board Game

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Fallen Land: A Post-Apocalyptic Board Game
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Can you survive the aftermath of a nuclear and biological apocalypse? You are the leader of a faction of survivors competing against others for primacy. Assemble your party, assign your equipment and set out to explore the wastes, claim resources and actualize your agenda. Build and manage your town to protect your citizens and resources. You will have to make and break treaties to endure, amidst a myriad of bribery, betrayal and hubris by the other players. 

  Fallen Land is set in the ruinous aftermath of post-apocalyptic America and is a thematic board game for 2-5 players. Featuring sandbox style game play, it combines the elements of a strategy board game with card building and role-playing. Driven by macabre stories of a world gone mad, players must adapt to the ever-changing variables: the cards, stories, interactions and threats. 

  Fallen Land: A Post Apocalyptic Board Game is the first of several upcoming releases for Fallen Dominion Studios. 


























Here is the  PDF of the Front of the Spoils Card.  Please notice the new Combat symbol which will be replacing our old one.
Here is the PDF of the Front of the Spoils Card. Please notice the new Combat symbol which will be replacing our old one.


Spoils Card Back
Spoils Card Back




Blank Encounter Card
Blank Encounter Card











 "I got the chance to play Fallen Lands last night, and boy, did it blow me away. The variety of game play elements gave me the chance to conquer the wastelands with my own style through customizing my party and including some light role-playing opportunities. Though I got thoroughly stomped, I had more fun with this FL than I have with most games sitting on my shelf. 10/10! Will play again!" ~Rex Connor 

"These people have poured their heart and soul into making a uniquely awesome experience here." ~Jesse Reese

"Got a chance to play this game tonight and it was a great experience. Game play was very smooth, a good combination of cards and dice infused with player interaction. Graphics and story line clearly show the time invested by these innovative game designers. Look forward to supporting this company with their Kickstarter campaign and to see them take off after the upcoming convention." ~Tom Lin

"Fun! Two ways to win! Tons of 'Easter Egg' humor and plenty of room for table talk wheeling and dealing. I want to play again!" ~Kimberly Burke 


Click (Here) to read their review
Click (Here) to read their review



Our Money-Back Guarantee 

We're confident in our product. If you do not like our game Fallen Land, simply return it within 30 days. We will issue you a full refund and even reimburse you for shipping (within reason). No hassle. No questions asked.

Our Pledge to You 

We will always be transparent and communicate with you honestly. Without our Kickstarter backers, this epic game is not possible. That's why our backers will always come first. You are making this game a reality through your support!  We guarantee that our backers will receive their copies before retail distribution begins. Period.  

We Need Your Support

For the last eleven years we have self funded this ambitious game, from its humble origins to its epic completion.  Now that it's complete, we simply need your support to go to print and bring this amazing project to the gaming community.

Early-Bird Discount

After much deliberation, we have decided not to include an Early-Bird discount. It is more important to us to pass along the discount to ALL of our Kickstarter backers.  

Gaming Community

Nothing is more important to us than our backers and fans. And we listen. We have been play testing Fallen Land for over nine years. In that time, we have incorporated player feedback and suggestions to help make Fallen Land even better! And we'd love to hear from you too.



   Retailers are important to us at Fallen Dominion Studios, LLC.  We would love to hear from you regarding any orders, questions or concerns.  Remember, Fallen Lands, A Post-Apocalyptic Board Game is only the 1st of SEVERAL upcoming releases for our studio.  Please direct all retail related inquires to:

Thank you!




Play Testing Crew
Play Testing Crew


 Playtesting and interviews shot during International Table Top Day at The Hobby Corner in Iowa City.

 As with any game, playtesting is crucial for clarity and success.  Fallen Land: A Post-Apocalyptic Board Game has been play tested for nine of its eleven years of existence.  In the last two years alone, it has been playtested 158 times and our play testers have logged over 600 hours played.  Blind playtesting encompasses 85% of these sessions.  

  Not only have we spent countless hours collecting and analyzing the incredible amount of data provided by these playtesters, but we have used it to refine and polish Fallen Land again and again.  The final version of the game we are offering on Kickstarter, is a result of over eleven years of hard work by the creators and staff--but made POSSIBLE by our awesome pool of playtesters.  These heroes have selflessly dedicated themselves to helping make Fallen Land: A Post-Apocalyptic Board Game a reality!

  In 2005, my long time friend Sean Cahill and I began designing Fallen Land: A Post-Apocalyptic Board Game. Our intent was to design a hybrid thematic game that combined the elements of a strategy board game, card game, and role-playing game. Our vision was to make it an epic event, a story driven board game that featured unlimited playability and sandbox-style game play.

  Fallen Land: A Post Apocalyptic Board Game is dedicated to our families. We cannot even begin to express our gratitude for their patience, help and encouragement. It is also dedicated to the many people who helped us on this long journey and to gamers everywhere. Without everyone's contributions (both big and small), this behemoth game wouldn't have been possible.  Thank you! 

Sean Cahill and Jon Lonngren
Sean Cahill and Jon Lonngren

Jon Lonngren

I am a native of Iowa City, Iowa and a Political Science and International Relations graduate of the University of Iowa.  I have also attended several other major universities, in DC and abroad. My focus was on Cold War studies and the former Soviet Republics.  I am an avid sci-fi writer and passionate board game designer.  I also love to cook gourmet food.  My most important roles are as a husband to my incredible wife, a father to my two sons and a handler of our two comedic Dachshunds.

Sean Cahill

I am a native of Iowa City and a US Army veteran.  I love graphics design, techie and mechanical stuff.  I am a golf and baseball fanatic and play every type of board and computer game I can get my hands on.  Designing board games, wood working and building stuff is what I do.  I have a beautiful wife, three wonderful children and a slew of pets.

Eleven Years of Fallen Land
Eleven Years of Fallen Land


Warren, Patrick, Sean, Bonz and Jon (2013)
Warren, Patrick, Sean, Bonz and Jon (2013)

Fallen Land:The Post-Apocalyptic 

Board Game  

*Full Game Credits, 2005-2016*

Jon Lonngren

Game Designer and Executive Producer (2005-2016): Concept, development, rules and strategy. Writer and project manager. Coordination, analysis, secondary editing and proofs.  Web design, secondary graphics design and concept sketches.  

Sean Cahill

Game Designer and Executive Producer (2005-2016): Concept, development, rules and strategy. Lead graphics design, card templates and layout. Secondary editing and proofs, web site design, web design, FAQs and IT solutions.

Warren Ripley

Art Director and Lead Artist (2007-2016): Pencils, inks, colors, proofs, graphic design and art layout. Box and Rule Book art. Character, Spoils, Action Card and symbols artwork. Final map, 3D modeling, video editing and proof reading.

Patrick "Tall Pat" Phillips

Lead Play-Tester (2008-2016): Rules and concept analysis, tertiary development and proof reading.

Justin "Bonz" Jones

Mechanics Analyst (2012-2016): Analysis, proof reading and final cuts.

Bill "One man army" Pitcher

Editor (2016): Final analysis, play testing and proof reading. Also IT support and solutions, spreadsheets and card symbol updates.

 Erik Lemke

 Editor (2011-2012): Nothing is as tragic as the loss of a young life. You were an inspiration to us all. Thank you Erik, you were a true professional, a driven editor and a brilliant poet. You are missed, but not forgotten.

Beau Fairchild

 Prototype Editor (2008-2011): Thank you.

Featured Artists:

Carter Allen: Action Cards, Spoils Cards and Rule Compendium artwork. Pencils and inks.

Joe Lower: Fallen Dominion Studios company logo and Action Card artwork.

Cassie Reardon: Technical designs, chip production and tertiary graphics design.

Sean Eike: Town Play Mats artwork and Salvage Coins pictures.

Scott Warren: Action Card artwork, pencils and inks. John Van Cleave: Action Card artwork.

Wes Reese: Concept sketches. Pencils and inks.

David Rich: Concept artwork, colors.

Javier Silva: Concept artwork, colors.

A Special Thanks:

 Alison Werner-Smith of Hayek, Mooreland, Smith and Bergus, LLP and Paul Waterman of Cronk and Waterman, PLC and Bill Pitcher. In addition, Joe Lower Design, Justin Brown (director and filographer), The Candlelight Press, Ray and his crew. Also, Shannon Stauffer, Alex Hachtman, Kenneth Hicks, J.P. Fairchild, Haldane Morris, Brett Schreiner, Chadron Stalkfleet and "Lurch" Aaron Alter.

The Play Test Crew:

Patrick "Tall Pat" Phillips, Bill Pitcher, Jesse Reese, Justin "Bonz" Jones, Beau Fairchild, "Lurch" Aaron Alter, Jason "Bear" Boyd, Kenneth "Robo" Hicks, Sara Hicks, Aaron Green, Jonathan Paul Fairchild, Erik Streff, Ben Allen, Paul Harper-Shirk and Jeffery Harper-Shirk, Lucas "Owlbear" Monx, Eric Miller, Wendy Lonngren, Scott Warren, Mathew Topol, Scott Finlayson, Brett Schreiner, Matt Brenton, Kelsey Steffen, Jenika Shannon, Kimberly Burke, Nicklas Cahill, Paul Waterman, Will Rosenstangle, Bob Bogs, Tim Williams, Joan Williams, Kirk Reissen, Daniel Young, Craig Wright, Tom Woolums, Josh Woolums, Elizabeth Sease, Chadron Stalkfleet, Luke Engleheart, Jon Maakestaad, Justin Brown, Geoffry Giarmo, Lauren Giarmo, Jeff Dolan, John Malsom, Sid Blommers, Billie Wilson, Shawn Michael White, Marius Meyer, Cody Holzhauser, Dan Akers, John Glispie, Laurens Van Beek, Tom Lin, Jo Andreasson and Patrick Johanns. 

Gen Con Playtesters

(Coming soon!)

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  Fallen Dominion Studios strives to create exceptional board games. Games people will want to play over and over again. We take great pride in meticulously crafting every aspect of our games, from their eye-popping artwork to their pulp storytelling, innovative designs and multi-level strategy content. Since 2005, we have been burning the midnight oil to create and produce Fallen Land: A Post-Apocalyptic Board Game. Slotted as the first of several upcoming releases for our studio, it is over eleven years in the making.

  In the future, our gaming system and our upcoming titles will span across a multitude of different genres. They too will feature interchangeable aspects and unlimited playability. Combining aspects from multiple games will allow players to customize their gaming experience to best fit their interests and play styles.

  For now however, we simply hope you have the opportunity to play Fallen Land. Adventure and intrigue await! On behalf of everyone at Fallen Dominion Studios, I hope you enjoy playing our game as much as we have enjoyed creating it for you.


Jon Lonngren

©Fallen Dominion Studios, LLC 2005-2016 - All Rights Reserved

Spoils Card Back
Spoils Card Back